Ran the Seminar + Workshop promoted by DET


The Department of Textile Tngineering has invited APETT has a partner, for the execution of the seminar under the subject "Skin-deep confort". This meeting has contributed for the formation of profissionals who were interested on that subject.

It was with pleasure that the APETT allied this initiative, which took place on 21st of June of 2017 in Universidade do Minho, in Guimarães, with the participation of the professor Maria José Abreu and the professor Lubos Hes, in the role of speakers.

This event counted on 50 participants, which, at the end, could enjoy a Coffee Break where everyone interacted.

Then, a group of 12 went to the laboratory of Physics Textiles-Teaching to attend the workshop on "The study of Confort as a tool and value for the Textile and Clothing Industry".

See photos of the event below: