Get to know the topics discussed on APETT's Ordinary General Assembly


On April 27, 2017, APETT's Ordinary General Assembly was held at the Association's Headquarters, in Guimarães. There were members as well as the management bodies of APETT.

The agenda was divided into 2 points: appreciation, discussion and voting of the Report for the year 2016 and other matters and suggestions of interest to APETT.

The President of the Board, Dr. António Pedro Valadares Souto, presented the Annual Report for 2016, in which were demonstrated the results obtained throughout the year. After discussion and clarification, the President of the General Meeting, Prof. Dr. Luís de Almeida, submitted the aforementioned Annual Report and the Fiscal Council's Opinion to a vote, which were approved unanimously.

The Chairman also took the opportunity to present the Strategic Activities Plan for 2017 as well as the prospects for the future of APETT.

The following points are also to be highlighted:

- The hiring of a full-time employee;
- Presence in the most recent edition of the MODtissimo fair (number 49);
- Organization of the dinner-meeting of APETT;
- Publication of the 104 edition of Nova Têxtil Magazine;
- Commitement to continue organizing technical events, starting with GILABA's seminar, held in the middle of April at Pousada Mosteiro de Santa Marinha in Guimarães.

Finally, Prof. Dr. Luís de Almeida took the time to congratulate the Association, wishing the best for its growth in order to continue to prosper.