APETT is an association which has brought together efforts since 1980, developing actions around the interests of Textile Industry professionals.

With 37 years of experience, APETT recognizes its heritage and continues to support and promote the textile technological advancements as well as the level of competitiveness in the sector. The association does a constant work of collecting and disseminating information on this field in order to keep the members updated and also the remaining public.


The association considers the technical, scientific and socio-economic history of the Textile Industry as an added value, as well as its impact on the regional and global development of the country.

That is why APETT recognizes and portrays the Industry as a key link in the development and modernization of the global economy, as it supports the growth and modernization of professionals and students in this area, by providing them with tools to achieve this.


Held on March 1 1980, at the Infante D. Henrique Secondary School in Oporto, the Constituent General Assembly elected the APETT Installing Commission. 

Then, in August of the same year, in the 4th Notarial Office of Oporto, the public deed was made, providing the legal constitution of APETT.

On August 2 1989, the constitution of APETT was also published in Diário da República II, Series nº 176.